11 January 2014

REVIEW: Ro's Argan Body Conditioner from LUSH

This product is one of those that has pleasantly surprised me - Ro's Argan Body Conditioner from LUSH is definitely something unique!

I recently took a sample of this to test out before committing to purchasing the full size product, as I wasn't 100% sure on it - I'd heard amazing things about it, but I was worried my skin may react to it (I have annoying skin that is prone to breakouts!)

The girl who was helping me was super helpful and let me test it out; she applied some to my hands and told me to rub them together as if I'm washing my hands with regular soap, and then I rinsed them in warm water. The second I dried my hands I could feel how amazingly soft my skin was! I swear it was like MAGIC! The girl then said she would give me a sample to test on my whole body and she gave me a HUGE amount! (The same amount as the Fresh Face Masks) and this has lasted through 5 showers (used quite generously) and I still have some left!

* Shower as normal using your regular soap/shower gel and rinse off any bubbles;
* Step away from the shower so you don't get water on you after rinsing (or turn it off completely);
* Apply Ro's Argan Body Conditioner to whole body;
* Massage into skin;
* Gently rinse off the Conditioner;
* Switch off the shower and pat yourself dry with a towel;
* Feel your super soft skin and breathe in the delightful rosy scent!

(i.e. don't apply this, wash your hair then body and leave... it HAS to be the last step, just like conditioner is the last step in washing your hair!)

The main ingredients in this Body Conditioner, and the ones that help to feed and nourish the skin to make it beautifully soft and supple, are: Argan Oil, Cocoa Butter, CupuaƧu Butter, Brazil Nut Oil, Almond Oil, Fair Trade Shea Butter and Goji Berry Juice. It also includes Rose Absolute and Rose Oil, as well as Vanilla, which are what make it smell so irresistibly delicious! AND if that wasn't enough, the smell stays on your skin for AGES and you will start to smell it in your clothes, too! PLUS you don't need to apply lotion afterwards - it perfectly moisturizes your skin, and this feeling lasts until you shower again (you won't wake up in the morning feeling the need to moisturize and it doesn't wear off quickly throughout the day).

I've also noticed (maybe it's just me) that it makes me feel warm after. Let me explain...
I usually use it before I sleep, and I usually have abnormally hot showers, so when I step out of the bathroom, everything feels suddenly really cold! BUT after applying this conditioner, rinsing then leaving the bathroom, I find that it's given me some "extra insulation" - I can't feel the coldness on my skin as much and it feels like it has given me a "barrier" against the cold! And not in the same way that some body butters/lotions have! I will stop now, as I am starting to feel that you may think I'm a crazy person...! But seriously, try it and see if you feel it too!

This product is definitely one that I will purchase; once my sample runs out, I'm going to buy the full-sized version, and I think it is probably one that I will buy a few times as I like it so much! I think it's perfect for all skin types and is especially perfect for those with dry skin. I was also told that it can be used for shaving, but I don't want to waste it in this way!

LUSH products are available in stores worldwide and online
Ro's Argan Body Conditioner retails for £15.95 for 225g.

Have you ever used this Body Conditioner before, or any other similar to it?

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